The NV 105 and the Zaurus (16.07.2002)

Setting up the USB connection

Since I don't want to patch the kernel with regard to the USB modules, I use the stand-alone usbdnet Module. The standalone module can be compiled and installed without problems. However, when loaded with modprobe the USB subsystem seams to hang (module state: init, can't view /proc/bus/usb) something I've encountered before. However after a reboot the module can be loaded without a problem. Now the network interface has to be added:

  1. Load usbdnet (modporbe usbdnet)

  2. Add network interface (ifconfig add usb0)

  3. Assign an ip address to the interface (ifconfig usb0

That worked well now. Pinging the Zaurus is possible. However there is a very good SDB article on how to setup hotplugging for the Zaurus. I changed my setup to the one described in the article (with one adjustment: I don't use a patched kernel or the new experimental kernel, but kept to the stand-alone usbdnet module) and it works very good.

Qtopia Desktop installation

After unpacking the tar file, the whole thing is not working well. There are no icons for the different modules and the menubar is missing as well. Here a few tips that helped me to make the Qtopia Desktop work. Add links to the all the lib's in the qtopiadesktop directory (e.g. -->

  • Ensure that the PATH contains the qtopiadesktop directory

  • Ensure the LD_LIBRARY_PATH also includes the qtopiadesktop dir

  • Don't let a new install get confused by an existing ~/.palmtopcenter -- rename this dir

  • Don't let a new install get confused by an existing ~/.qt/palmtopcenterrc -- rename or remove it

These steps (mainly packed into a little shell script -- the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH adjustments had to be exported) helped me to have get the Qtopia Desktop running and display the menu and all the icons. As next step I copied all my existing XML files with the data (my Zaurus was gone for three weeks -- it had to be repaired and in the end I received another (new) one) to the directories below ~/.palmtopcenter. Next time the Qtopia Desktop was started it "knew" all the old data and the information could be transferred to the PDA by a normal sync.

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