Make the Windows-Keys provide usefull function (24.07.2002)

A good article on this was published in the printed version of the German "Linux User Magazin" (06/2002). Currently it's not available online.


This can be done within the KDE control center. There is already a predefined keyboard layout with the Windows-Key. Adjust as you like.

Console The keycode assignment is done by loadkeys [map-file]. Map-File is a compressed text file. In the SuSE 8.0 distro the default keymaps loaded, can be changed later. So, I created my "private" keymap with the following content (check out man loadkeys for details / use showkey to find out the keycodes, but don't do it with X running. Switch to a console e.g. with STRG+ALT+F1 in KDE). Used codes for the kernel string table can be verified using dumpkeys | grep string. Here's the "" file:

keycode 125 = F100
keycode 127 = F101
string F100 = "ps -aux | grep"
string F101 = "history 20\n" "ps -aux | grep"

Run gzip [uncompressed map-file] to create the compressed version Then try a loadkeys to enable the new settings. If everything is fine, add to the (Auto-)start mechanism you have implemented. One possibility can be found here.

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