Config USB Storage and make QDI Usbdisk available (04.08.2002)

Based on my current kernel (2.4.18 SUSE with ACPI patches - see above). I was able to access my USB Disk. It's a 64MB modell from QDI (I read that it is also known as "EazyDisk"). The hardest part was to find out the SCSI device. There are some helpfull SCSI tools shipped with SUSE80. Most helpfull was scsiinfo -l (showing /dev/sda) and scsi_info /dev/sda showing that this device is really the USB disk (Take a look at the memorystick bit as well). So that's basically all. Just create an additional directory in /media (e.g. usbdisk). Add an entry to /etc/fstab (as the one for /dev/fd0) and that's it. In addition I created a new "disk" symbol on the KDE desktop.

SuSE 8.1

The USB disk works out of the box. However the directory /media/usbdisk and the desktop link have to added. And of course the /etc/fstab has also to be modified.

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