Setup USB (16.07.2002)

The usb-uhci.o writes every 5 seconds a warning to the syslog (interrupt, status, ...). Since I don't like this, I just changed drivers/usb/usb-uhci.c and made a comment from the line (warn("interrupt, ....). This is just a dirty hack. The reason is still not known. Further investigation is necessary.

Logitech USB Mouse (Wheel mouse optical) After reading a lot of SDB articles regarding USB I changed these settings:

  • in /etc/sysconfig/kernel add usbcore and usb-uhci to the INITRD_MODULES entry

  • in /etc/fstab change usbdevfs from noauto to default

  • in /etc/hotplug/usb.agent after line 306 add sleep 3

  • run mk_initrd (use -k "vmlinuz.own" -i "initrd.own", if these are the names of your own kernel / initrd

  • run lilo to install the new kernel / initrd

I had some trouble with the root filesystem during these changes. So I had to do some fsck runs and many reboots until everything was o.k. Now use sax2 -F mouse to add an additional mouse (Parameters: USB mouse / imps/2 ). After another reboot the mouse is found by the system and can be used. The touchpad is working also.

Additional tests:


  • remove USB mouse

  • Touchpad still usable - OK

  • attach USB mouse again

  • USB mouse not working - Problem !

  • Reboot without USB mouse

  • Touchpad is working - OK

  • attach USB mouse

  • Not working - usbview doesn't see the mouse - Problem !

  • remove USB mouse

  • Who cares - insted an other reboot with attached USB mouse

  • Reboot with attached USB mouse

  • OK - working. One detail is interesting. In all other cases the mouse didn't "glow".

Does the notebook cut of the power supply if a USB port isn't used a boot time?

The entry sleep 3 in /etc/sysconfig/usb.hotplug seems to be unnecessary. I removed it.

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