Configure sound (16.07.2002)

The main problem: With the standard modules I can't configure the sound (system hangs or sound played too fast). This is the state prior to the ACPI installation. The SuSE support database states that there is an Alsa-Update. However first I tried the current drivers again. Due to the new kernel compilation and installation the alsa-modules have to compiled and installed again (located in /usr/src/kernel-modules/alsa-driver -- need to be installed separately from CD/DVD). make all and make install worked for me. Now install the soundcard with YaST (auto-detected).

And it works! Add a mixer to to the panel and that's it. However, one still can't play CD's. The SDB states, that normally you have a cable connecting the CD drive and the sound card. Sometimes this is not present and the sound information is transported via the IDE cable (Win only). The SDB suggests that one uses XMMS with the Audio CD Reader input plugin. Start XMMS, change configuration, set "Audio CD Reader" as input plugin and configure the plugin. In the output tab select "Read Digital CD Audio". Make XMMS play the file /dev/cdrom and listen ! Works fine for me. The available ALSA update seams to make some problems. I'll try again later (maybe).

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