Setup Jogdial (16.07.2002)

Works with Sjog or jogdaild. Both to the job, however they do not work as I would like them too. (e.g. window not always in foreground). With some time, I might build my own Jogdial handling program.

The basic support is done by the sonypi module (part of the kernel since 2.4.7), which is loaded automatically. Currently the module doesn't support the "help" button of the NV (and NV109?). However I've created a small patch, that makes the button usable (anyhow, the currently available Jogdial apps aren't available aware of it. But they can be easily modified).

After sending the patch to the maintainer we agreed on a minimal change. Here is the "new" patch.


Since the 2.4.19-rc3 kernel is already out, this patch will probably not make it into the 2.4.19 kernel (however, it should be part of the 2.4.20 kernel).

UPDATE: The patch is now part of the Linux kernel version 2.4.20-pre3

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