General setup (16.07.2002)

Harddisk (16.07.2002)

The harddisk (30 GB) comes with two 15 GB NTFS partitions ( C: and D: ). To ensure that an internet access is possible, I only removed the second ( D: ) partition (me=coward). Since this it's not possible during the setup, I had to do it manually (started the rescue system and removed the partition with fdisk).

Installing SuSE 8.0 (16.07.2002)

The installation basically works without problems. I created two partitions (swap and root). The root partition is formated using ext3. However, the sound configuration (Intel 82801 AC) lets the system hang. So, the sound needs to be configured later !

Filesystem update (13.08.2002)

Since I've experienced a lot of problems with the ext3 filesystem (corruptions). I decided to use the reiserfs instead. I have reiserfs running on my other linux boxes and have never had any trouble with it. I know that there is talk about file corruption with it, but never experienced anything like that. The whole process is based on a SuSE SDB article about moving an installation to another partition. Here are the steps I've performed

  • Pack the current root files system
    tar -cSp -numeric-owner -exclude "backup_*.tar" -M -L 1048576 -f backup_1.tar /
    Creates 1GB Tar-File and asks for the name of the next file (see info tar)

  • Copy the backup_?.tar files to another linux box via network

  • Perform md5sum for the backup files on both boxes -- should be the same

  • Copy the e100.o module (for the network card) to a floppy

  • Reboot the notebook with the rescue system

  • Mount the floppy and insmod e100.o

  • Setup the network with ifconfig(Add interface with ifconfig -a eth0 IP-Address)

  • Make sure you can access the other linux box and can copy the backup files back to the notebook

  • POINT OF NO RETURN: create the new filesystem with mkreiserfs

  • Mount the partition

  • Copy the backup files from the other linux box back to the notebook

  • Ensure that the files are o.k. with md5sum -- Did not work for me !

  • Unpack the backup files with tar -xSpv -M -L 1048576 -f backup_1.tar
    After processing the first file tar asks for the second tape -- the archive name has to be changed - as above while creating the files

  • Change /etc/fstab - adjust the filesystem for the root partition

  • Change /etc/sysconfig/kernel and add the reiserfs module to the modules for the initial ram disk.

  • Create a new initrd using mk_initrd

  • Reboot rescue system (!)

  • Perform a filesystem check with reiserfsck

  • If filesystem is o.k. -- boot the normal system

No problems so far.

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