Putting this document (and related files) into local CVS (29.7.2002)

Just for learning purpose and to keep track off the changes I'll make, I've decided to create a local CVS repository on my laptop. This will help me with future programming stuff as well (I do hope). Here is what was necessary:

  1. Create an new user group 'cvs'. I just did it in YaST, but newgrp should work as well

  2. Add your userid to this new group (can be done with YaST as well)

  3. Create the directory for the repository (my_cvs) within /usr/local as root

  4. Create the (empty) repository as root using cvs -d /usr/local/my_cvs init

  5. Change the group of that new directory (chgrp -R cvs my_cvs)

  6. Set permissions for that new directory (chmod -R ug+rwx my_cvs)

  7. Change ~/.bashrc and set the CVSROOT environment variable (Optional)

  8. Add export CVSROOT=/usr/local/my_cvs to the file (otherwise one must always specify the repository location

  9. Logout and login again and check, if the above steps have worked (e.g. printenv | grep CVSROOT and groups | grep cvs)

  10. Import the new project and play with CVS

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